Rice Eclipse is a student rocketry team that aims to expand aerospace knowledge and skills by developing applicable projects to enhance the engineering education experience of every member. We do this through designing, developing and testing hybrid rocket engines and competition launch vehicles.

     Our goals are twofold: to provide our members with unique experiences and learning opportunities not available elsewhere and to produce substantial research useful to the construction of rockets. We pride ourselves on having something for everyone to teach and something for everyone to learn. We also value our relationship with the community and focus on sharing our passion for rocketry, engineering, and space with community groups.

       Our current long-term technical objective is to develop and test increasingly powerful rocket engines and rocket vehicles. We are approaching this goal by developing propulsion, structural and aerodynamic, and avionics technologies and skills in parallel. Check out our progress towards this goal in our Spring 2019 Newsletter.

       At the moment, the only two things holding us back are gravity and funding. If you would like to help, please visit it our ‘Support Us’ tab