“To enrich our knowledge, develop lifelong abilities,
and embrace innovation.”
— Rice Eclipse Mission Statement

      We strive to enrich our Rice experience by creating and studying cutting edge aerospace technologies. We aim to develop and create unparalleled passion and ability, using this newfound skill to represent ourselves to our community in the most safe, efficient, and exciting manner possible.

      We accomplish this momentous task by welcoming as many students as possible into our ranks, and ensuring that everyone has a meaningful contribution. For some, this contribution meant being one of the only undergraduate teams to independently develop a hybrid rocket engine and conducting trailblazing research on its components. For others, this contribution means building high powered launch vehicles that fly on solid motors out of our local brand of the Tripoli Rocket Association. Others are profoundly passionate about developing the hardware and software systems that make all of our projects possible. They learn circuit design and programming concepts and how to apply these principles practically long before they are taught in class. 

      Regardless of the specific project a team member is working on, if we gain knowledge from it, the project is a success. In fact, we believe that the concept of hands-on and lifelong learning is so important that we do our best to bring it to the community as well. By reaching out to groups such as Girls in STEM and Boy Scouts of America, we share our passion for rocketry with the community and foster the growth and development of tomorrow's scientists and engineers.


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2018 Willy Award Winner

2018 Design Showcase Best Aerospace or Transportation Technology Award

2017 Design Showcase Top Aerospace and Robotics Award

2016 Willy Award Winner

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2016 Design Showcase REA Award

2015 Design Showcase REA Award