The purpose of the Mobile Test Stand was to rework and rebuild the test stand for Titan that was constructed and tested in March of 2017. The original Titan test stand was designed mainly using Unistrut, and took a significant amount of time to assemble. Multiple struts between the engine and the test stand provided alternate load paths apart from the load cell, which led to inaccurate thrust measurements and the old test stand was bulky and difficult to carry.

      Additionally, Titan took over 36 hours to prepare for testing. The preparation time increased because all of the assembly was completed at the test site. Due to concerns about the graphite insert shattering if carried inside the engine along the highway and concerns about leaving igniters inside the engine during transportation, the entire engine had to be carried in distinct pieces. As a result, the new Titan test stand was decided to be integrated with a trailer in order to better facilitate transportation. Additionally, the Mobile Test Stand can be used for other transportation purposes.

Design Components

      The test stand is removable from the trailer and is upright to test an inflight configuration. In order to ensure the safety of members during the raising and descending aspects of the Mobile Test Stand, the test stand is designed with pneumatic cylinders, which are integrated into the trailer. These cylinders fix the problem of having to raise the stand manually. The new test stand is sufficiently solid to allow for graphite nozzle insert security and has padded wooden supports for the engine during transportation in the horizontal position.